#DeveloperIPL Game

#DeveloperIPL Game

Vox Socialis
  1. Front-End : ReactJs, Redux
  2. Back-End : Node JS, ExpressJS
  3. Database : MongoDB (Document Store)
  4. Database : Redis (Key-Value Store) Provided By Nimbella
  5. Storage : Google Cloud Based Object Storage Provided By Nimbella
  1. Postman : API Testing
  2. GitHub : Repository + CI/CD
  3. VSCode : Development
  4. Maps API(Google) : Maps
  1. Initilly we read about Nimbella Serverless Platform, How it is built ? How the Project structure need to maintain ? and referred Sample Examples available on Git.
  2. We developed the backend part first with some function developed with API NODE-JS and some with JAVA functions
  3. Database we used Redis (Provided by Nimbella) to store Stock Count Stats , User Details and other side We used MongoDB for storing Beneficiary Transactions
  4. To Store Images uploaded by Beneficiary as part of “Food Review” we used Object Storage (Provided by Nimbella) — its a Google Cloud Storage
  5. We deployed the BackEnd API on Nimbella and started with testing using POSTMAN
  6. After completion, we proceed with Front-End Development built with ANGULAR
  7. To Simplify the Development and Deployment Process, we configured CI/CD on GitHub (Actions)

How to Deploy Apps using Nimbella?

  1. Register on Nimbella platform.
  2. Create new app and download CLI and login to nim with the auth token.
  3. change working directory and deploy project.
nim auth login <unique_id>
//change directory
nim project deploy <project name>

About Postman




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Abhishek Doifode

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